Beachmere’s Sesuicentenary Celebrations may have been delayed, but the recent opening of the Beachmere Hub allowed the many commemorative gifts to be revealed and presented.

A number of groups have been working on various projects including the U3A Quilting group which made a Commemorative Quilt.  Quilters Chris Sutton and Di Newell were on hand as it was unveiled by the Lord Mayor, Peter Flannery and Councillor Division 2, Mark Booth.

Chris Sutton says that, as with all quilts, the colours, fabrics and patterns in this quilt have meaning.

“They pay respect to the Traditional custodians of the land and recognise that their history in Beachmere is far longer than the past 150 years. It pays homage to Beachmere as a rich and diverse natural environment of air land and sea and the glorious wildlife that co-exists with us, making this a unique and beautiful place to live.

The fabrics of the quilt symbolise Beachmere’s position at the mouth of the Caboolture River, blue for the river and the bay and gold for the sandy ground. 

Four indigenous print turtles stand guard at the top of the quilt, and others swim through the blocks, symbolising respect for the traditional owners and recognition of Beachmere as Gubbi Gubbi country. 

The central block represents the development of the town over the past 150 years. It reminds us that water is the source of life and for 150 years all roads have met at Beachmere at the site of our windmill and water tower, which act as a beacon bringing us home.

If you look to each side of this block, you will see two needle lace pictures; the dairymaid representing the early industry of Beachmere and the fisher representing the continuity of fishing as a pastime.

The remaining blocks pay homage to Beachmere as a rich and diverse natural environment of air land and sea and the glorious wildlife that co-exists with us, making this a unique and beautiful place to live.”

Local artist, teacher and organiser of the Beachmere Mosaic Club, Helen Riley, presented two large terracotta pots:  one features the Bungwall Fern, indigenous to the local area, with the other displaying mangroves.

The Beachmere Men’s Shed presented a lecturn, made by local Men’s Shed member, Harry Ellis, made from a great number of pieces of different timber species.  

The compilation of local stories, Beachmere – Then and Now, has also been a great success with much interest from locals and expats who are discovering all about the wonderful bayside village.

The quilt, pots and lecturn will be on display at the Beachmere Hub, Main Street, Beachmere.

For more information about the Beachmere Hub, or Beachmere’s continuing Sesquicentenary Celebrations or any of the BANG events and activities, email or discover the new BANG website

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