Once again Beachmere residents are coming together to combat ongoing hooning and major thefts in the local area.

With the recent collapse of the local Neighbourhood Watch, Beachmere has been left without any contact with Police and policing in the local area.

Both Labor and Liberal parties have made announcements that they will boost funding for Police if elected in the October State Election.

It would be hoped that increased funding should alleviate some of the problems of contacting the Police, with the much publicised Policelink 131444 now advising that all non urgent Police matters and enquiries MUST be reported via the Qld Police website.

Beachmere residents also report that when Police do attend Beachmere they issue infringement notices for parking whilst speeding, hooning and vehicle thefts continue unabated.

Calls for CCTV coverage at the Beachmere Boat Ramp, to reduce the incidence of stolen vehicles and illegal dumping, have been ongoing for several years but no action has been taken.  This is a lost opportunity for the recently defunct local Neighbourhood Watch and the funds distributed - to other Neighbourhood Watch districts - following its demise.

Calls for an increased Police presence in the area have been ongoing for several years, with a delegation some years ago by local residents to Police Minister, Mark Ryan, having little effect or impact.  Past community initiatives such as regular Coffee with a Cop meet ups were not supported by the Police with attendance, as at NHW meetings, sporadic.

In the past Police advise that statistics show there is no “problems”.  One response was, at the time and again currently, to encourage residents to report all incidents to ensure that accurate statistics were being collated.

Local resident Annette Lourigan has instigated a Beachmere Residents for Road Safety (BRRS) group which she says is a solution based group of community members.

“Our group focuses on solutions which involves all members of our community.  We need police involvement and interaction; safer streets which reduce the opportunity to speed, and ensure that all drivers drive within the designated speed limit and to road conditions.

“We need a Police presence at various times as part of their normal night patrol and not just within some daylight hours.  

“Our group is solution based and needs to involve all areas of governance, local and state, to ensure the safety of residents and visitors on our local streets.”

Annette says the BRRS group will be initially consulting with the local Traffic Branch Police in an endeavour to resolve ongoing issues and traffic problems.

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