A “Material Change of Use” application has been made on one parcel of land in Beachmere that will more than double the number of dwellings constructed.

The original Development Approval, lodged in 2016, was for a 64 small lot residential subdivision. The new application will add an additional 75 dwellings with a total, apparently, of 139 dwellings to be built.

The land, which currently floods at high tide and rain events, will need to be significantly raised, which could exacerbate existing localised flooding in surrounding areas and streets. Divergence of water away from the site would also cause additional flooding to nearby streets.

The access to these 139 dwellings is through a small, narrow street subdivision, with a childcare centre on the corner, where Karora Road meets James Road.

Local resident objections include the additional vehicle traffic, on both Karora and James Roads, as well as on Beachmere Road, which is still awaiting upgrading.

Lack of green space, environmental damage and lack of parking, playgrounds and local amenities are other issues raised by Beachmere locals.

Places at both the Beachmere State School and a local Kindergarten are at near or full capacity, which means parents may miss out on places for their children at local schools and childcare.

Residents are also concerned that the high-density housing, such as that submitted, appears to be totally inconsistent with the current character of dwellings and seaside village atmosphere of the area.

Issues, concerns, objections, or support submissions close on Tuesday, 1 March with more information available at

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