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Beachmere Art Society Ready for 2022

Following an overwhelming response from local artists and artisans a new artist group will commence in 2022.

Beachmere Art Society was borne from community meetings and has already elected a Steering Committee with clear goals to support local artists and artisans.

A number of activities and events were suggested at the community meetings by those attending, but newly appointed Steering Committee Chair, Steve Mills, said there are a number of “housekeeping” duties to be tackled first.

“This project, the development of an art and artist group in the Beachmere area, is very special to me. I know how important such a group can be – it supports artists, shares knowledge and provides outlets to raise awareness and boost sales,” Steve said.

“Before we can move forward, our newly elected Steering Committee will work on formally establishing the Beachmere Art Society through incorporation, setting up processes and encouraging artists and artisans to join as members and grow this new Society.”

Beachmere Area Network Group is auspicing this new group until they are established. You can email for more information or to be included on their mailing list.

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