Father’s Day 2020 and Supporting Local Businesses

September 6th is the day dedicated to the dads. It is the day we acknowledge all the hard-working fathers around Australia. From the biological to adoptive dads, foster to step fathers- every dad gets their well-deserved sleep in on that special Sunday.

Much like the rest of 2020, this year Father’s Day may look a little different with social distancing and safety taking the number one spot on the priority list, dad a close second. However, despite these safety precautions, plenty of fun can still be had. Just one idea, rent a boat from one of local boat hire companies and support their business and enjoy a family day out on the passage.

Picnics along the foreshore are bound to be popular, or simply a day on the beach. Whilst all dads get a shout-out for their hard work, this year it is especially important to recognise all the dads with jobs in healthcare and various other essential workers for their continued efforts to ensure the safety of our community.

Our year has been all about getting creative through COVID 19, so for those of you who have dads out of state, or vice-a-versa dads if you have children living away from home and cannot see them, it is time to get those thinking hats on.

Facetime party? Zoom dinner? No matter the distance it is more important than ever to tell our dads (and all our loved ones) how much they mean to us.

For many people, this year has not brought with it many reasons to celebrate, however this day gives us a chance to give 2020 a more positive outlook. It is a chance to say thanks, not only to dads but grandfathers as well.

If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that we must celebrate the small things, take positives out of what we have and cherish the support of family. Sometimes the best gifts we can give are the simplest. Think breakfast in bed, making dinner maybe even some afternoon baking.

Currently, in Queensland we are lucky enough to still remain out of lockdown, and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of those outdoor activities. Explore the island or maybe even our local surrounds. We may be in different states, or unable to see those who we would usually spend the day with, but we still have the opportunity to support local businesses and of course our dads. On the 6th of September, take a moment out of the craziness that is 2020 to say thank you to your dad. Whatever your plans may be for this upcoming Father’s Day make sure to make the most of it. To the Father’s, we wish you a lovely day, filled with family and love.

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