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International Youth Day 2020

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. This famous quote spoken by Nelson Mandela is perhaps more relevant today than ever. In changing times, as the foundations of society are shifting, we see younger generations taking their place on the world stage: speaking up about issues they are passionate about, advocating for change and pushing to create a better world. We see the young, passionate youth utilising every tool at their disposal: social media, freedom of speech and education to peruse their dreams. The United Nations recognised the importance of the opinions and beliefs of younger generations and deemed the 12th of August as International Youth Day. This day not only aims to give a voice and raise awareness to challenges faced by younger generations but also address ongoing global issues impacting these generations across the globe. Last year, the United Nations picked a theme focused on promoting accessible education for children and adolescents internationally. Whilst the theme remains different this year, it is important to note that equal accessibility to education still remains one of the most concerning problems in relation to younger generations. It is through our education that we are able to gain an understanding of the world and form our personal beliefs and opinions. In 2020, the theme revolves around finding ways to ensure youth engagement for global action, focusing on engaging younger people on all levels and endeavouring to provide representation in formal institutions and in global issues. The aim of this day is to promote progression regarding education and healthcare for children and adolescents in lesser developed countries but also assist in encouraging everyone to proudly embrace themselves, their unique attributes and proudly stand up for their beliefs. Everyday we see young people fighting to better the world they will one day inherit, and though educating ourselves about these issues we are able to assist in helping make the change we desire to see. This day is about embracing new ideas, new perspectives, helping those endeavouring to make change, and to be the change needed to progress as a society. It is figures such as Malala Yousafzai who provide inspiration not only to adults but to children and society. This young women stood, and continues to stand, bravely and fearless by her beliefs and strives for rights for girls and women to access education. In 2020, we have experienced so much change and much change will continue to occur in the following years. Perhaps as we enter this new time, it is the perfect opportunity to support foundations, charities and our younger generation who are pushing for better education, better recognition, better rights and a better world. Even during a global pandemic, we see children thanking healthcare workers, teenagers gaining political awareness eager to vote and create change but most important we have seen a generation of new ideas and perspectives. The time for children to be seen and not heard has long passed. Together we are able to create positive change, in working together we become a unifying force. In educating we create hope.

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