New Look Council Takes Declaration of Office

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s new look team was sworn in at Strathpine Chambers on Wednesday 22nd of April, but the 12 councillors couldn’t meet as a group due to social distancing requirements.

They took the Declaration of Office in front of CEO Greg Chemello, on a rotation spaced 15 minutes apart.

The new Council which assumed office today is:

  • Mayor: Peter Flannery

  • Division 1: Brooke Savige

  • Division 2: Mark Booth        

  • Division 3: Adam Hain

  • Division 4: Jodie Shipway       

  • Division 5: Sandra Ruck

  • Division 6: Karl Winchester

  • Division 7: Denise Sims

  • Division 8: Mick Gillam

  • Division 9: Cath Tonks

  • Division 10: Matt Constance

  • Division 11: Darren Grimwade

  • Division 12: Tony Latter

“This is an important day for our region and I congratulate the councillors on being elected to lead our community at a time when leadership is needed most,” Mayor Flannery said.

“The need for unity and collaboration has never been more important, and I borrowed the words of our Prime Minister Scott Morrison in telling the councillors to leave political ideology at the door.

“Having met with all our councillors to discuss their priorities and ideas for our region, I’m pleased that they are collectively focussed on the immediate need for financial support and economic recovery, as our region fights to come back from coronavirus.

“I’ve told the councillors that as local leaders, they must also take on the role of ‘guardians’ for our community’s wellbeing.

“I’m very pleased to have six returning councillors bringing their experience back to the chamber, and six new councillors bringing fresh ideas with them.

“I’d particularly like to welcome our three new female Councillors - Jodie Shipway (Div 4), Sandra Ruck (Div 5) and Cath Tonks (Div 9) - increasing female representation in our team of 12 up to five alongside Brooke Savige (Div 1) and Denise Sims (Div 7).

“I also want to thank the community for putting their faith in me to lead through this uncertain time.

“When we started this campaign we didn’t know we’d be hit with the global pandemic that is COVID-19. So locals have certainly made the right choice in electing an experienced councillor and a safe set of hands. That’s critically important at an uncertain time like this.

“I promise locals that my door and the door of every councillor you have elected with always be open to people who have their hearts in this community and have ideas on how we can get through this challenging time together.”

Mayor Flannery also took the time to thank outgoing councillors for their service.

A statutory post-election meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 April, at which time Council will appointment a Deputy Mayor and set the council meeting schedule for the remainder of the year.

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