The Ultimate Gaming Experience: Find your console.

Discussions around gaming devices have been very topical through the last decade, with gamers on the continual quest for the ultimate console. This argument needs to be settled. Which is the better console? Let’s look at what’s out there and explore the features of each to decide the supreme device.

For the gamers out there, or people who want to get into gaming without spending thousands of dollars on a gaming PC, consoles are what comes to mind. Players tend to be one of either team Xbox, team PS or team Nintendo. Let us explore what is out there:

Xbox is The Worlds most powerful console. From the earliest model the Xbox to the 360, one and S to the most recent One X, Xbox very rarely sets a foot wrong. From the base model of the PS through to the PS4, because PlayStation is for the players. Likewise, Nintendo are not to be outdone with the many devices they have produced like the DS series, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, the Game-Boy and the Sega series with their consoles you can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

When it comes to features, each brand has them in buckets. However, which console eliminates the rest?

All consoles offer online gameplay but what makes the PS4 Pro and the Nintendo switch superior is that theirs is free, dissimilar to the Xbox one X which features Xbox Live Gold – enabling online gameplay ranging from $9.99 a month to $59.99 for 12 months.

Size? The clear winner is the Nintendo Switch. It is portable, fits perfectly into any bag and features hand-held design. It also boasts removable hand controllers. The runner-up would be the Xbox one X having a slimmer design than the PS4 Pro.

But, consoles aren’t going to win this debate based on their looks! There is a range of key internal aspects that all consoles should have. Firstly, let us compare the FPS that you get when using these consoles. The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro share there 60 fps, as well as the Nintendo switch ranging from 30-60 depending on the game. Secondly, there is the RAM which covers both storage and memory, when referring to Storage the Xbox One X beats out the competition with one Terabyte of Storage in comparison to the PS4 Pro with 826 GBs and finally, the Nintendo Switch with a measly 32 GBs of internal storage. Thirdly and finally, they all support 4K.

As you can see there are many elements that make these consoles the top of the line and it is difficult to pick one clear winner.

If you are looking for the best portable competitive gaming console, let us be honest, the Nintendo Switch is your pick. Personally, after reviewing the specs, I think the XBox one X is the superior console due to the high class internal specs that make for a smoother gameplay experience.

Nevertheless, all of my top 3 consoles are fantastic and I believe they will be your top picks too!

Keep in mind though, each of these companies are coming out with a new console for 2020. Xbox will showcase their Xbox Series X, PS their PS5 and finally Nintendo with the Nintendo Switch Pro.

We will just have to try them all!

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