Statement: Simone Wilson, State Member for Pumicestone.

My priority is that residents in my electorate are kept safe and well.

I am sending a clear message – if you are planning a holiday or day trip to Bribie Island now is not the time - please stay away.

People need to understand why staying away from Bribie Island (unless it's essential to be here) is just so important. Bribie Island has the oldest demographic in Queensland and this increases their risk of serious complications should the coronavirus spread.

I'm reaching out to the holiday makers and the day trippers and I am asking you to stay away.

If Bribie Island isn’t part of your community, stay away. I can’t be any clearer than this.

The only people who should be accessing Bribie Island during the COVID-19 process are those who need to come to and from work and those who need to access medical appointments and other essential services.

I am calling on the State Government to help me share this message to keep my elderly constituents safe and well.

I am also calling on the State Government to extend immediate closures to Ocean Beach and day use areas. Closing National Parks isn't going far enough and people need to know it's not ok to come to Bribie Island for anything other than essential services at this time.

I appeal to those who think Bribie is the place to be right now - it's not! Stay away unless it's essential for you to cross the bridge.

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