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Welcome to issue 48 Readers

In this issue we have some wonderful articles about Beware of pre-packaged meat and the cost from our supermarket chains against our Local Butchers, you will be surprised the difference in cost. Also, Residents call on MBRC to clean up our Bellara Bibimulya Wetlands. Cranky Lizards speaks on some controversial issues when it comes to politics with the council elections this month and the state elections looming in 2020.

Domestic Violence is certainly is an issue that is claiming to many lives in our country. Our front cover and feature story is Red Bench Initiative in MBRC. Take a Seat to Stand Up Against Domestic Violence. Our Council, Hairdressers with Heats and Red Rose Foundation have come together to place 12 red benches’ around our Region. The idea of the red bench is to raise awareness and promote a conversation on the red bench and talk about changing the ending. Try it and enjoy the view!

As usual please support our local businesses to keep our community strong. DON’T BUY ONLINE.

Warm regards

Belinda Ferguson

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