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Public presentation here  on Bribie

Barry Clark- U3A Public Relations

I am sure that having read this title you will already be saying to yourself the line …..”but not a drop to drink”.

I am sure most readers know this famous line, but perhaps not all know that it is from a long poem, written in 1798, by Samuel Coleridge Taylor.

In fact the full verse of his longest major poem titled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is actually ;

Water Water Everywhere ……and all the boards did shrink

Water Water everywhere …..nor any drop to drink.

It is interesting that these few lines of an old poem have found their way into our collective memory.

That is because we are all very aware and dependant on Water, for everything in life on this earth.

Water is LIfe

There are so many different aspects of Water that impact us all , including Rain, Drought, Floods, Irrigation, Dams, Catchments and run off.

We have had a very long period of drought , followed by devastating bush fires in recent months, then flooding rain ……so public awareness if high.

Things may have changed dramatically again  in the two weeks since I wrote this article.

Retired civil and environmental engineer Phil Williams will give a public presentation about all things to do with “WATER IN AUSTRALIA” on Friday 28th February here on Bribie.

This presentation will be very informative for everyone, and is intended to provide a broad overview and general knowledge.

The presentation will cover many aspects of Water in Australia , including climatic zones and rainfall, water resources, river systems, artesian water, urban water, desalination, recycling, dams, rural water, irrigation, salinity as well as a brief look at some major projects such as the Snowy Mountains scheme, the Ord River / Lake Argyle project and the current debacle with the Murray – Darling Basin.

Public Presentation

The presentation is a U3A “Insight” session on 28th February at 1pm at the U3A Community Hall on First Avenue..

It is open to members and the general public for an entry fee of just $2 which includes afternoon tea and a chance to ask questions and meet the speaker.

Phil Williams will also reveal information about a long discussed project, to divert large quantities of water from North Queensland, to create new irrigation areas in Western Queensland.

This is  known as the “New Bradfield Scheme” and has been around since it was first proposed in 1938, and is again on the political agenda in Queensland.

The presentation will be of great interest to everyone.

Space is limited and booking is essential.

Book by adding your name to the sheet at U3A,  or phone U3A during office hours on 3408 1450 and ask for your names to be put on the list.

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