Bribie Island Golf Club, Ladies results

THURS 16/01/2020. 4 Person Scramble Ambrose. Winners Ros Gardiner, Bernie Pickering, Gwen Clutterbuck & Susan Brown 63.25, R/U Sonia Ferrante, Jo Malone, Dianne Hayward & Desley Neilson 64.625. NTP: Hole 4 Lyn Ball, Hole 7 Marjorie Sills, Hole 14 Dianne Hayward, Hole 16 Susan Brown. Top Shot Marjorie Sills 73cm.

TUES 21/01/2020. Single Stableford. Div 1 Winner Sandra Marshall 40, R/U D Benghamy 37, 2nd R/U Jo McCowan 36. Div 2 Winner Colleen Whitney 39, R/U Carol Lobegeiger 38, 2nd R/U Myra Dickson 37. Div 3 Winner Laureen Healy 42, R/U Stina Barnulf 37, 2nd R/U Suzanne Wagg 36.  NTP: Hole 4 Dianne Hayward, Hole 7 Maree Bailey, Hole 14 Marjorie Sills, Hole 16 Bernie Pickering. Top Shot Marjorie Sills 60cm.

THURS 23/01/2020. Single Stableford. Div 1: Winner Ruby McKinnon 39 C/B , R/U . Debra Dunn 39. 2nd R/U Di Benghamy 38 C/B.  Div 2: Winner Ann Mitchell 40, R/U Shirley Barry 37, 2nd R/U Sonia Ferrante 35.  NTP: Hole 4 Jo McCowan, Hole 7 Di Benghamy, Hole 14 Elizabeth Taylor, Hole 16 Judith Umlauft.  Top Shot Jo McCowan 200cm.

TUES 28/01/2020. 4BBB Stableford. Winners: Caroline Melville & Christine Pronk 44, R/U: Leonie Buxton & Roslyn Crossley 43 C/B, 2nd R/U: Toni Grossmann & Desley Neilson 43 C/B.  NTP: Hole 4 Leonie Buxton, Hole 7 Lyndall Pinson, Hole 14 Cheryl Loimaranta, Hole 16 Helena Winterflood. Top Shot Lyndall Pinson 44cm.

THURS 30/01/2020. Ladies 2 Person Multiplier.  Winners: Bernie Pickering & Lyn Cockerell 67. R/U: Vivienne Learoyd & Roslyn Crossley 59. 2nd R/U: Colleen Whitney & Cheryl Loimaranta 58 C/B.  NTP: Hole 4 Val Smith, Hole 7 Desley Neilson, Hole 14 Jo Malone, Hole 16 Gill Lee.  Top Shot: Desley Neilson 345cm.

TUES 04/02/2020. Single Stableford.  Div 1 Winner: Christine Pronk 35, R/U: Lauren McDonald 34 C/B.  Div 2 Winner: Fitzie Jackson 34. R/U Sally Weeks 33 C/B.  Div 3 Winner: Sonia Ferrante 33 C/B. R/U: Jennifer Stafford 33 C/B.  NTP: Hole 4 Lauren McDonald, Hole 7 Lyn Ball, Hole 14 Suzanne Vallley, Hole 16 Helena Winterflood. Div 3 2nd Shot - Hole 14: Sonia Ferrante. Top Shot Helena Winterflood 114cm.

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