The Power of Giving

Christmas is without a doubt the biggest holiday of the year, and certainly one of the biggest displays of consumerism. In the month of December people across the world become obsessed with the bright coloured lights, catchy songs and decorations. Such celebrations and traditions hold a special place in many people’s hearts as they fondly recall past Christmases and begin to get excited for the start of a new year. Whilst everyone loves the holiday, it often comes attached with a large price tag. However, this year for some the focus isn’t on gifts but rather a home, a place to celebrate the momentous holiday. Unfortunately, in light of the recent and ongoing bushfires across New South Wales, Queensland and various parts of Australia, many families have lost their homes and belongings only weeks before Christmas. Each year the money we spend on gifts proves that we understand the importance of giving to those we love, but this year I urge you to give not only to those you hold close to your heart but also to those who have lost everything. The impact of the Australian bushfires can be seen across the east coast and has impacted not only people but various animal species. Many of us have been fortunate enough to have not been directly impacted by the bushfires and therefore may celebrate Christmas as normal. For those without houses, who have lost pets and belongings, this Christmas will be classified as far from the normal, joyous celebrations. Perhaps the most important gift that you may give in 2019 is that to a person that has lost more than we could ever imagine. Donations do not only need to be in the form of money; food, clothing items or household items are all useful and help get one step closer to assisting people in getting their lives back in order. It is important to also take the time and recognise the sacrifice that our firefighters, ambulance services and many charities have made to help protect us against the fires and the support that has been provided. Under these organisations it is also important to acknowledge all the volunteers and the time they have given. Giving does not only need to be about donating money or items, but simply giving your time helps many people, from those who have been impacted by the fires to those who have dedicated their time saving lives. Whilst this year there is a focus on those impacted by the bushfires, each year families and people across Australia struggle at Christmas. The act of giving is not limited to one year, or one season. Pick your favourite charity or a cause you are passionate about and give your time to the cause or donate- it is up to you. This Christmas help give to a cause that is going to make a difference or save a life.

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