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Help us Lobby the State Government, we need a New Bridge - Sign our Petition

The Bribie Island Bridge & Road Community Reference Committee (BIBR CRC) is starting a petition for a new Bribie Island Bridge.

BIBR CRC is a recently formed group dedicated to advocating on behalf of the Bribie Island community to get the best results for Bribie Island Bridge with additional lanes. And after concluding their first meeting on 4th of December, they’ve decided the Bribie Bridge is a top priority.

The committee is not a decision-making body but rather will perform an advisory and consultative role. It shall perform this role by investigating and finding reports on the bridge and its condition, evaluating the current status quo of traffic movement/volume, and exploring previous planning projects undertaken by the Government.

Acting on behalf of the community BIRB will be meeting with all levels of government and will be inviting the State Minister for Roads and Transport to their meetings along with the heads of the Department of Roads.

This newly formed group will provide a forum for discussion, vision planning and feedback encompassing the views and ideas of local residents. And will be providing an additional channel for the State Member to inform, seek feedback and be proactive in the community.

Made up of local Bribie and Ningi residents and small business owners, the committee encourages the community to have their say, communicate concerns, and discuss what they would like to see.

You see there is a petition here which you can cut out or request an online copy.

If you’d like to reach out to BIRB you can contact them via email on

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