Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 22nd October, 2019 to 14th November, 2019:

TUE, 22/10/19. 4 Person Ambose Scramble. Winners J Umlauft, R Harper, V Miller & C Whitney 62, R/U S Smith, M Pearce, D Benghamy & S Vallely. NTP’s Hole 4 C Loirmaranta, Hole 7 R Gardiner, Hole 14 S Wagg, Hole 16 L Meijer.

THUR 24/10/19. 4BBB Stableford. Sponsored by Anna’s Fashion Boutique. Winners LBeaven & J Wyatt 45, R/U J De Ruyter & J McKay 43 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 C Loirmaranta, Hole 7 V Jones, Hole 14 S White, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot M McDonald.

TUE, 29/10/19. 3 Person Stableford Multiplier. Winners A Mitchell, J Geale & C McAlister 170, R/U S Vallely, A Lauchlan & C Watson 162 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 S Wagg, Hole 7 J L’Estrange, Hole 14 J Graham, Hole 16 J Graham, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot S Ferrante.

THUR 31/10/19. Single Stableford. Sponsored by Woorim Surfside Pharmacy. Div 1 Winner J De Ruyter 36 C/B, R/U D Benghamy 36 C/B. Div 2 Winner F Jackson 38 C/B, R/U T Brown 38. Div 3 Winner S Tailford 39, R/U M McDonald 37. NTP’s Hole 4 M Dickson, Hole 7 D Benghamy, Hole 14 C Price, Hole 16 C Loimaranta, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot A Roberts.

THUR 7/11/19. Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy. Div 1: Winner B Newcomb 73, R/U D Hayward 76, 2nd R/U V Jones 77. NTP’s Hole 4 L Urquhart, Hole 7 D Hayward, Hole 14 V Jones, Hole 16 J Malone. Div 2: Winner S Weeks 70, R/U R Harper 73, 2nd R/U J Umlauft 74 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 V Learoyd, Hole 7 L Beaven, Hole 14 S Weeks, Hole 16 S Weeks. Div 3: Winner I Coburn 71, R/U R Crossley 72, 2nd R/U S Barry 74. NTP’s Hole 4 Y Swanson, Hole 7 A Roberts, Hole 14 S Tailford.

TUES 12/11/19. Single Stroke. Div 1 Winner K Tomalin 70 C/B, R/U K Wilson 70 C/B, 2nd R/U.L Urquhart 70. Div 2 Winner I Coburn 71, R/U L Beaven 72, 2nd R/U F Jackson 73. Div 3 Winner D Sullivan 74, R/U A Carmody 75, 2nd R/U J Jennings 76 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 D Sullivan, Hole 7 S Power, Hole 14 F Jackson, Hole 16 R Gardiner, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot C McAlister.

THUR 14/11/19. Single Stroke. Div 1 Winner M Pearce 72, R/U A Lauchlan 73, 2nd R/U M McGlone 74. Div 2 Winner D Croft 70, R/U F Jackson 72 C/B, 2nd R/U J L’Estrange 72. Div 3 Winner J McKay 68, R/U L Cockerell 73, 2nd R/U N Aylott 75 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 F Jackson, Hole 7 A Jordan, Hole 14 M Bailey, Hole 16 K Wilson, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot S Ferrante.

Presidents Trophy Winner F Jackson 144 C/B, R/U K Wilson 144.

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