Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 22nd September, 2019 to 17th October, 2019:

SUNDAY 22nd September, 2019. Sponsor Victoria Nicholson from Victoria Nicholson Real Estate Team. 4BBB Stableford. Div 1: Winner K Wilson & L Wilson Bribie Island 44, R/U V Carius & L Silverman Bribie Island 43 C/B, 2nd R/U S Milligan & G Burnham Bribie Island 43.

MONDAY 23rd & TUESDAY 24th September, 2019. 36 Holes Single Stroke. Major Sponsors Priceline Pharmacy Bribie Island, Golf World and Martin Jonkers Toyota. Overall Gross Winner Jordan O’Brien Royal Pines 146, R/U Jess Jenkins Oxley 157. Overall Nett Winner Judy Graham Bribie Island 148, R/U Val Smith Bribie Isand150. Div 1 Gross Winner Kimberley Crawley Maroochy River 158, R/U Di Benghamy Bribie Island 160, Nett Winner Kathryn Hillier Brisbane 151, R/U Alex Belongnoff 154. Div 2 Gross Desley Neilson Bribie Island 188, R/U Myra Thomsen Bribie Island 192, Nett Winner Lesley Foran Caboolture 152 C/B, R/U Susie Smith Bribie Island 152. Div 3 Gross Winner Lenore Wilson Bribie Island 207, R/U Ailsa Lauchlan Bribie Island 208, Nett Winner Gabriel Holmes Keperra 151, R/U Lesley Brook Bribie Island 153.

THURSDAY, 26th September, 2019. Single Stableford – Professional Managers Day

Professional Manager’s Trophy Winner: M Sills 41. Div 1: Winner S Vallely 36 C/B, R/U L Pinson C/B. Div 2: Winner L Wilson 35 C/B, R/U S Weeks 35. Div 3: Winner K Williams 42, R/U S Barry 35. NTP’s Hole 4 K Williams, Hole 7 J De Ruyter, Hole 14 S Marshall, Hole 16 M Thomsen, Hole 16 Div 3 2nd Shot I Coburn.

TUESDAY, 1st October, 2019. Single Stableford.

Div 1: Winner J Wills 36, R/U M Thomsen 35. Div 2: Winner N Aylott 32, R/U S Barnulf 34. NTP’s Hole 4 L Ball, Hole 7 V Jones, Hole 14 J Wills, Hole 16 M Thomsen, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot S Barnulf.

THURSDAY, 3rd October, 2019. Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy.

Div 1: Winner V Jones 75 C/B, R/U M Thomsen 75, 2nd R/U S Smith 76. NTP’s Hole 4 L Pinson, Hole 7 C Loirmaranta, Hole 14 S Smith. Div 2: Winner A Mitchell 74, R/U Y Nicklin 75 C/B, 2nd R/U H Winterflood 75. NTP’s Hole 4 Y Nicklin, Hole 7 L Beaven, Hole 14 L Wilson. Div 3: Winner S Barry 73 C/B, R/U J McKay 73, 2nd R/U J Jennings 75 C/B. NTP’s Hole 7 I Coburn, Hole 14 C McAlister.

TUESDAY, 8th October, 2019. Choker Scramble.

Winners M Pearce, S Smith, D Benghamy & B Newcomb 152.125 R/U V Smth, V Hayes, D Neilson & G Clutterbuck 164.875. NTP’s Hole 4 W Robinson, Hole 7 S Power, Hole 14 R Gardiner, Hole 16 K Tomalin.

THURSDAY, 10th October, 2019. Canadian Foursomes.

Winners D Benghamy & V Jones 74.75, R/U G Clutterbuck & M Thomsen 75.5. NTP’s Hole 4 J Dorhauer, Hole 7 L Beaven, Hole 14 T Grossmann, Hole 16 J Malone.

TUESDAY, 15th October, 2019. Single Stableford.

Div 1: Winner J Umlauft 40, R/U R McKinnon 36 C/B. Div 2: Winner C McAlister 40, R/U G Burnham 39. NTP’s Hole 4 L Beaven, Hole 7 M Dickson, Hole 14 D Hayward, Hole 16 L Buxton, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot B Truswell.

THURSDAY, 17th October, 2019. 4BBB Stableford.

Winners J Wyatt & L Beaven 46 C/B, R/U R de Bondt & A de Bondt, 2nd R/U  D Sullivan & B Tuswell. NTP’s Hole 4 S White, Hole 7 L Gill, Hole 14 A Jordan, Hole 16 J Malone, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot V Miller.

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