Nostalgic Father’s Day Event

Churches of Christ Care held a special Father’s Day Celebration BBQ for residents on Tuesday, 3rd of September.

Local Phil Albury, who helped organise the event got local antique car owners to come by with their vehicles for the residents to reminisce over.

In addition there was also a saxophone player and of course the classic BBQ for all residents to enjoy.

William Feez, who is in charge of Lifestyle and handles social and emotional activities at Churches of Christ Care, said they wanted to hold an inclusive event for those who were fathers, had fathers and also for those who may not necessarily have had a good relationship with their fathers.

Rather than heavily focusing on the familial nature of day the event was socially focused with a chance for residents to indulge in nostalgia.

Mr Feez said Bribie Island is a unique close-knit community. With distinctive relationships built between the staff, volunteers and residents, often with most of them knowing each other before coming to Churches of Christ Care.

“To do this takes a lot of effort from staff,” Mr Feez said.

A change in routine is a lot of work for the staff and volunteers to orchestrate but they were more than happy to put in the effort for their 130 residents.

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