Road Closure Clarification at Bellara

On Friday, July 26th the Queensland Government Gazette contained a notification of a proposed permanent road closure for part of Sylvan Beach Esplanade, Bribie Island.

“An area of about 9100 m2 being part of Sylvan Beach Esplanade (locality of Bellara) and shown as road proposed to be permanently closed on Drawing 18/5944. (2019/005944)” Is the exact wording used in the gazette.

As Sylvan Beach Esplanade is a council road, we reached out to Moreton Bay Regional Council, Councillor for Division One, Brooke Savige for comment.

Brooke Savige was able to clarify that in fact none of the actual road is being closed despite how the notice from the gazette reads.

“It is a bit of a strange one but some of the parkland at Crest Park was actually built on road reserve. Now that it is built and established as parkland we are just looking at removing the road reserve and having it properly identified as parkland to reflect the current use.” She said.

The application for the proposed road closure is still open for objections, which must be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) by September 5th 2019.

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