Welcome to September and the 3 vibration beautiful souls. 3 is optimistic, charismatic and charming with excellent social skills. Communication is the at the forefront of 3’s natural ability along with creativity. Let your imagination explore all possibilities. 3 also has an amazing relationship with luck, what a fabulous month September promises to be.

This month’s vibration is designed to push you out of our comfort zone, to propel us all forward, to seek the new and try new things. We are evolving beings, don’t fight it. Our future craves the new and only promises amazing things for those who take the leap.

The New Super moon on 30th of August is the start of a powerful and new shift that will bring focus on our personal environments. At 6 degrees the new moon energy is in perfect synchronicity with the 3 vibration. The combined energy is exciting and brings positive change. It will help us get in touch with our desires and our true destinies, propelling us to share them with others. Imagine living your passions, to doesn’t have to be any other way.

September is also a great time for building lasting relationships or repairing and reinvigorating existing relationships. Let’s face it harmonious personal relationships bring happiness.

On the shade side of Septembers energy avoid “the scattiness”, pull yourself back to focus and task orientation when needed. Keep your moods even, step away and take a breath if you find yourself feeling cornered or out of control. The pause is your friend.

Take a chance, take a class, be creative and have fun.

Have an amazing September,


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