Keeping Our Community Safe

Over the last few weeks locals have raised a number of concerns with me about hooning and vandalism occurring in parts of the electorate. During these discussions it has become clear that many residents don’t report suspected crimes/illegal activity to the police.  Instead it appears locals may be using social media to vent concerns and alert our community to what is occurring.  Whilst informing the community is commendable, it is of the utmost importance to report any suspected crime to police so they can take the necessary action in responding.  Our police don’t necessarily monitor all Facebook community pages and unless they know they can’t act.  To report any suspected illegal activity contact Police Link on 131 444.


Our Island is a great place for kids to get around on a bike, however some concerns have been raised with me around the need for increased awareness on bike safety, particularly kids knowing the rules when riding on the road. I encourage all parents to take a moment to talk to your children about bike safety and a great tool to help educate them is this web page

Simone Wilson MP

Member for Pumicestone

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