Father’s Day

Throughout our lives, we are guided by a selected few people. Perhaps one of the most important figures to shape not only our childhood but also our future are our dads. Father’s Day goes far beyond recognising immediate fathers, its purpose, its meaning recognises generations of fathers, grand-fathers, great-grand-fathers. In 2019, it’s about recognising everyone from stepfathers to adoptive fathers. From the little acts of packing lunches to the embarrassing and cringe worthy dad jokes. The first weekend of September is about celebrating and spoiling, even if it means enduring a tedious fishing trip. We often favour barbeques or beach days as popular family activities. Although celebrated at different times across the world, in a multitude of different ways and throughout various cultures, the premise remains the same. While countries such as Britain and the United States of America follow traditions in similar ways to us, many cultures embrace the day in a totally different approach. Take for example Mexico. Celebrated on the same day as the United States, Mexicans celebrate their fathers by participating in a 21-kilometre race around the city. Families complete the course together and after their hard-work head home to share a well-cooked family lunch. In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated through dressing up in bright yellow and presenting fathers with the popular flower canna. German fathers put on their wackiest outfit for their special day and often head into the woods for a family picnic featuring some of their traditional dishes, such as Kartoffelkloesse (or as we would call them potato dumplings). Although Brisbane does not offer a 21-kilometre marathon, it is home to plenty of exciting events. Whether it be a trip down the river or heading to one of the many lunches being hosted, something can be found for every dad. The day is about recognising the sacrifices made and giving thanks for all the behind-the-scene help that more often than not goes unrecognised. Thought and effort truly make the day a special one. So, it doesn’t matter if the breakfast in bed does not go as planned, taking the time to listen to the stories and history that can be shared allows for the continuation of another generation. It becomes the passing of a baton. This year, 2019, we say thank you to all the dads and the sacrifices they make. Thank you for teaching us and guiding us. To all the dads, happy Father’s Day for another year, may it be as memorable as the last.

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