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Energy Forecast

An energy forecast is about knowing some of the potential energy that can influence you and how to navigate through this time with ease & grace. The past month has been intense to say the least… So many energetic shifts occurring affecting each person differently… The powerful eclipses & now with Mercury Retrograde occurring there are some real home truths being brought into your consciousness… Many people freak out when Mercury goes Retrograde, yet it also provides incredibly potent insights revealing where you may be hiding behind your own excuses…

However, with the New Moon in Leo showing up its activating that inner roar within to take action towards making transformational changes for you on every level… So let’s dive in and discover what the coming months has install for you…

Week 1 – Monday July 29th – 4th August – Music For The Soul (New Moon 31st July & Mercury Turns Direct on August 2nd) As you lead towards a New Moon period where you will start considering your options, manifesting dreams & invite magic into your world… With this Leo New Moon, you’ll access that inner lion/lioness through the portal of music… Music that inspires, motivates & accesses that place within that has had enough and wants rapid change now!!! Music sends vibrational frequencies through every cell and can be used to connect with you in so many ways… Turn on that music which activates your inner strength to harness this warrior energy & take the action needed to implement the changes you desire…

Week 2 – Monday August 5th – 11th – Playfulness

With all the intense energy starting to settle down now it’s time to focus on how to achieve your dreams in a manner that’s relaxed and fun… Remember it’s not about how fast you get from point A to B, it’s about the journey you go on… Your soul is craving some fun, adventure, laughs and enjoying life… Even the most mundane tasks can become enjoyable when you bring a new perspective towards them…

Week 3 – Monday August 12th – 18th – Feather (Full Moon 15th July)

Full Moons are about illuminating possibilities and challenges you to look at things differently… Observe what habits/beliefs need to be released and know that your past loved ones are with you every step of the way cheering you on… You may discover feathers along way or memories of your past loved ones filtering into your consciousness, these are all ways that our loved ones that have crossed over, work really hard behind the scenes to show up in your world to let you know that they are showering you with love and encouraging you every step of the way…

Week 4 – Monday August 19th – 25th – Speak Your Truth

Now it’s time to have the most intimate conversations with self… To have those real, raw and honest conversations with self that remind you of your incredibly gorgeous qualities within you and to also give you that gentle kick up the backside to get you moving towards your dreams again… Reminding you that those dreams you’re chasing, matter on so many levels… Honour that, don’t downplay them… When you can be fully transparent with self, that becomes a gamechanger… Because then decision making becomes about alignment & a heightened awareness to anything that deviates from your pathway to success… This month is shaping up to be one where you’ll start seeing all your hard work pay off… Magic & miracles happen everyday, all you have to do is believe & take inspired action…

Much Love

Rachael xx Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher | International Psychic

Please write any questions into the Bribie Newspaper regarding this information.



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