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Last week a constituent contacted my office following his trip to the Caboolture Waste Management Facility as he went to dump a small ute load containing green waste, an old lawn mower and some general waste. 

Entering the weighbridge asked the attendant to explain what the new dumping process will entail come 1 July 2019. 

Below is the advice provided by weighbridge attendant using the exact same materials he had in the ute as the example:

  1. Enter dump

  2. Proceed to weighbridge to have entire content weighed

  3. Proceed to dump old mower

  4. Exit dump via weighbridge and be weighed for remaining content

  5. Exit facility

  6. Re-enter facility

  7. Proceed to weighbridge again and be weighed for content

  8. Proceed to dump green waste

  9. Exit dump via weighbridge and be weighed for remaining content

  10. Exit facility

  11. Re-enter facility

  12. Proceed to weighbridge again and be weighed for content

  13. Proceed to dump general waste

  14. Exit dump via weighbridge and be weighed on final exit

  15. Exit facility

For this gentleman, what is currently a three step process (ie. enter weighbridge, dump at relevant areas and exit) will become a 15 step process from 1 July!  The Queensland Government’s Waste Disposal Levy is a complete sham.  They promise that Queenslanders won’t be stung by the levy but seriously 15 steps to drop off some waste will be nothing short of a debacle at the dump.  Not only will this absorb more time for people to dump material, it will cost them more in petrol as they hover around the facility, create incredible frustrations for both Council staff and consumers and will ultimately impact on council resources to deliver what was once a free dumping service in our electorate. 

You simply can’t believe what you are being told by the Palaszczuk Labor Government - we are now all paying for this levy in one way or another.

Simone Wilson MP

State Member for Pumicestone

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