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No one needs a reason to dance, but now Beachmere has plenty.

When local Beachmere dance teacher Leisa Stock found she had some time on her hands, with daughter Lana becoming more involved in teaching classes, she didn’t let the grass grow under those tapping feet and jazz hands.  Leisa started organising classes for those a little older than the school children she used to teach for over ten years.

Leisa says that current research shows that dance is now regarded as the “top” activity because we have to use our brain as well as move our whole body.

“Along with the obvious physical benefits that include increased strength, balance and flexibility, the improvements to our brain function are pretty impressive,” Leisa said.

“The part of the brain that is linked to memory, learning and emotion is actually enhanced as we dance.  Why?   Because we are constantly learning new steps and patterns, and then also remembering them without the help of the instructor - and our brain loves that.”

Leisa says that each course is structured so that you will learn, and remember, a full dance routine and different levels are used when teaching so beginners, as well as those with dance experience, are welcome.

Leisa has some great reasons for joining in her dance class but, perhaps, the most important – getting out and being social, meeting new people and some old friends.

And it’s so much fun...

For course locations, dates and costs, message Leisa on, Facebook   lovedance6, Instagram   lovedance_6

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