World Environment Day

Our environment is taken for granted. It’s a luxury that we have become so accustomed to that we do not realise how much we have abused it. The destruction of our Earth has progressed so much that we hide behind our blissful ignorance, but the issue continues to grow. However, through such devastation, it has brought with it an awareness- with people, and society, beginning to recognise the severity of the problem at hand. Movements have occurred worldwide, a modern revolution. Artists, scholars, workers and students all calling for a much-needed change. Marches are frequent, protests often and social media platforms have become a vital role in raising awareness and informing the younger population. On the 5th of June, raising awareness is taken to a new level with World Environment Day. This day encourages us, as a collective whole, to band together and consciously make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Just recently, in Melbourne, hundreds of locals gathered in the Central Business District to further protest climate change. The protesters laid down in silence, just one of many events that has happened not only in Australia but also the world. Although these acts of protest have caused some progression and awareness, there is still much that can be done. Simple acts can be carried out everyday in order to reduce your individual impact on the environment. Carpooling or taking public transport reduces carbon emissions and petrol used per trip. Investing in reusable shopping bags and containers ensures that you do not resort to using unsustainable plastics and cling wrap. Replacing plastic straws and cutlery with reusable alternatives such as metal straws or bamboo utensils further limits plastic use, as does reusable water bottles. Composting and recycling reduces the waste thrown out, turning off lights and preserving water overall creates a more sustainable household. It may not seem like much but a combined effort to change the way in which we live and the impact we have as individuals can have positive changes towards the environment. It is not only the United Nations calling for action but millions of people across the world whom this disaster impacts. We fight for the change we wish to see in the world, in this case on World Environment Day, 2019, we fight for a sustainable future. A future that in twenty years we can look back on and proudly say I was a part of that change. This topic is no longer an issue that can be swept under the rug, ignored in hopes that it will disappear. It is time for action, the change that is so desperately required.

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