Mother’s Day

Throughout our lives we ask many questions: where are my shoes? Can you help me with my homework? Can you please pick me up from school? More often than not we turn to our mothers to answer these important questions. They guide us through difficult situations and somehow manage the removal of various food stains, which is a super power in itself. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. We recognise our mothers, often with chocolate, flowers or handmade coupons that are redeemed years later. Other popular celebration ideas include a day out whether that be on a picnic or a swim at the beach. In Brisbane, many cafes and organisations arrange for brunches or lunches allowing for families and mothers to enjoy a lovely meal and discussion. Art galleries and museums are also open in Brisbane with exhibitions which promote a fun family day out. On Mother’s Day it is also important to recognise the service events, charities and companies that host events or promote raising awareness and money for women’s causes. Many brands also participate in raising awareness on Mother’s Day. For example, popular brand TOMS Australia, this year is yet again hosting their annual fun run with all profits being donated towards breast cancer research. The Mother’s Day Classic is another fun run, hosted by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The nation-wide event that started in 1998, has had over one million and twenty-seven thousand participants and has donated over thirty-five million and three thousand dollars to breast cancer research programs over twenty-two years. Events such as these are not only a wonderful bonding experience but contribute towards a fantastic cause. Australians celebrate in many ways but across the world mothers are cherished and celebrated through various events. Within Brazil, multi-generational barbeques are held and children present performance and artwork to show their appreciation and love. In Japan, carnations are the flower of choice as they represent the gentle strength of mothers and portray the admiration the household has towards their matriarch. Indians take celebrations to the next level with a ten-day festival, called Durga Puja. The festival is seen as both a religious opportunity and as a chance for family reunion. In preparation, people spend the weeks leading up to the festival preparing food, gifts and decorating their homes. It does not matter how your family choses to celebrate Mothers’ Day, whether it be breakfast in bed, a simple I love you or the doing the dishes without being asked. Keep that in mind this May, as we wish all the beautiful mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

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