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Fishing Report

Fishing around Bribie Island has been very good lately. Our club fished against the diggers from Gallipoli barracks fishing club last week end. The competition was a “fish length caught”, AFAQ members won the competition with a combined length of 13.54 meters, with a weight of over 13 Kilo’s. The Gallipoli troops combined length of 2.95 meters, we were happy as they thrashed us last year.

Cooks Rocks is reporting catches of good bream, gar and winter whiting, Used for catch (no lead, light line, yabbies and mullet flesh) The Ripples producing good grass emperor and bream, (light lead, medium line, paternoster rig, mullet fillets and pilchards) Ningi Creek has good flathead and bream, (small gang hooks, frogmouth pilchard)

Outside, Bulwer ledge is producing huge grass emperor and big leather jacket and mixed reef fish, and Cape Moreton coffee rocks is producing a nice mixed bag of reef fish. (paternoster rig, pilchards and mullet flesh)

Lots of weed still in the passage, however there are still sand crabs and mud crabs to be had for the effort.

Mackerel {school and spanish} are still in the local area and around the blinkers.

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