When Beachmere resident Karen Wallwork started looking into the 10,000 Steps program and enquired about a sign for a walking trail little did she know it would lead to a book deal and a weekend of community celebrations.

From drafting up a small pamphlet about that walk Karen will soon complete the first draft of a book entitled History of Beachmere – 150 stories in 150 years – Celebrating Community.

Information obtained whilst researching that book showed Beachmere will turn 150 years in 2020 and community group Beachmere Area Network Group (BANG) has taken the project on.

Karen said the support from the entire Beachmere community has been amazing, “I always felt we were losing so much local history every time a long time resident moved out of the area or passed away. Now we are documenting as many stories, anecdotes and information as we can gather.”

“People are contacting me to provide stories and photos and there is a wealth of information to choose our 150 stories from,” Karen said.

Karen’s team of researchers will deliver the published edition in time for the Sesquicentenary in early 2020 when a community celebration will launch the book and culminate in a host of activities and events in Beachmere.

BANG President Karen Harris said with production of the book well underway it was now time to turn towards organising the community celebrations. She encouraged anyone interested in joining the Beachmere Sesquicentenary Committee to make contact.

“BANG has great credentials in organising community events, but we also know how many people like to be involved and feel part of the event from the very beginning. We would love people to get in touch and join us in organising the event,” Karen said.

For more information on the Beachmere Sesquicentenary Committee or the History of Beachmere book, contact Karen on 0456 818 017 or email

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