A message from Eric Sheilds Candidate for Mayor

Hi folks and welcome to another of my posts on what Policies I wish to introduce if elected to Mayor of Moreton Bay. Today I wish to cover;

  • Better Government Relationships

  • Widening of Bribie Road

For most of my voting life like most people, I’ve never understood why our politicians at the different levels of Government can’t work more closely together for the benefit of the general community.

We all pay taxes, we all vote and we’re all Australian citizens, so why the problems when it comes to getting things done, the answer of course is Politics, and the community needs usually takes second place.

I hope to change that.

My thoughts are this, for many years now the community has been screaming for something to be done to improve the traffic congestion in and out of Bribie Island and there is no doubt that Bribie Island is fast becoming a major tourist area and we badly need to widen Bribie Island Road as quickly as possible for the future.

I know residents are also angry at the congestion, I see them complaining about it all the time.

I can’t think of one project right now that is more important than improving the traffic flow on Bribie Island Road, it will have an enormous effect on our local economy with visitors coming and going and this in turn will see an increase in jobs and small business around the Bribie Island area.

This will mean a joint effort between both the MBRC and also the State Government and from what I’ve seen and read, the community wants this project done as quickly as possible.

It will be a priority for me to get this project done during my term if elected to Mayor.

I also want to let the community know that any future infrastructure or developments that is planned for Moreton Bay will be scrutinized more closely and developers will be held accountable for any developments they wish to pursue which need the infrastructure put in place first before approval is given, there won’t be any concerns for “conflict of interest” under my watch, everything will be done openly and with clear public knowledge, consultation and understanding.

Thank you for your time in reading my policy on Bribie Island Road and better Government relationships and if you wish to see my other policies you can do so at

https://www.ericshieldsformayor.com/policies/. or contact me on my Facebook site at Eric Shields Candidate For Mayor of Moreton Bay.

My regards,

Eric Shields

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