A major fish kill occurred on the Caboolture River with the results becoming apparent from Saturday, 17 March.

Hundreds of dead fish including thread salmon, whiting, flathead, mangrove jack, and even the hardy toadfish, were found above and below Riversleigh Road.

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Public Health department said a site survey, including water sample collection, was undertaken and no further fish deaths have been apparent.

Fish samples were taken for analysis by the Department of Environment and Science and both they and the MBRC are awaiting the “finalised results”. A spokesman said that a number of factors would be taken into consideration including changes in organic matter, salinity, oxygenation and water temperature levels.

At this time, the cause of the fish kill remains unknown.

You can advise the relevant authorities of similar problems by using the MBRC Customer Service Request App or by contacting Dept of Environment and Science on 1300 130 372 or by visiting the Department’s Caboolture office at Level 4, 33 King St, Caboolture.

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