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Eric Shields Candidate for Mayor of Moreton Bay – My Policies

We are now 12 months out from the next Local Government elections which will be held on Saturday 28th March 2020.

I think it’s now appropriate to bring to the community’s attention my Policies which I will put into place should I be elected to Mayor of Moreton Bay and each month I would like to detail them and go through them with you so you are better informed as to what I intend to do, the first in a series of my policies is “Project Priorities.”

“Project Priorities”

For years now the one thing that has become very clear to me is that many in the region feel as though they are not included in decisions that are made in regards to their life and family, I’ve also seen many comments that rate payers believe that certain areas of Moreton Bay are given preferential treatment over others, this will not be the case if I’m elected to Council, all divisions of Moreton Bay will get the same attention and things that are important to them such as infrastructure, roads, local improvements will be undertaken if I’m elected to serve you.

I will immediately be asking all sitting Councillors to give me a priority list of projects that need urgent attention in their respective divisions. No one Division having priority over another.

My term as your Mayor will be based on each region of Moreton Bay getting projects done that are important to them, and I’ll say right now, “there will be no large unfunded projects done using rate payer’s money as has been done in the past.”

If you wish to see my other policies, then please go to my web page at

Or you can contact me directly through my Facebook page at “Eric Shields Candidate for Mayor of Moreton Bay.”

Thank you for your attention today and I look forward to serving you and making our beautiful region a great place to live and play.

Eric Shields

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