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The unimaginable secrets of Amazon

Most people know Amazon as the world's biggest online store, but there are many things that the multibillion company does not want you to know, all companies have secrets, but could Amazon’s secret be the worst of them all?

It is easy to make a joke about Amazon’s Alexa being some kind of spy, listening to everything you say and transmitting it back to her bosses to help them learn all about you. But in reality, that's exactly what she does.

Just like how google assistant stores everything you say on its server, ready to be played back at any time, Amazon also keeps a documentation of everything you say through Alexa. You may say this is a wild idea but a woman in Portland may make you rethink your decision.

Portland woman, Danielle, told a television news station in Washington that her Amazon Echo device had recorded a conversation and then shared it with one of her husband’s employees in Seattle. People were swift to say we told you so, as the news report soared through the connected world. The family disconnected the devices and contacted Amazon, prompting an investigation. Now, Danielle is asking for a refund. “I’m never plugging that device in again,” she told reporters. “I can’t trust it.” Amazon responded and said that her Echo device “misunderstood” her words for a set of commands, telling it to record her whole conversation with her husband and send it to one of his employees. Amazon’s main home assistant device (Echo) is equipped with seven microphones and noise-cancelling technology. Amazon's Alexa is good at listening, since it must be prepared when you say its awaken word, like "Alexa" or “Echo,” but how do we know if it’s just listening to our every word?

Amazon is snooping on you and your family in your home and gathering as much information on your activities as possible, but big question is what might Amazon be doing with your priceless private information. It could be as simple as listening for something that your thinking of buying and suddenly an Amazon ad pops up of exactly what you wanted, or It could be as bad as selling your private information online open to anyone, criminals, paedophiles or even a murder. Imagine your child walking home all by herself for the first time but never returning home. Who could it have been? How could they have known? Who was it? Maybe it was Alexa. In actuality we will never know the truth, we will never know the true secrets of Amazon. Even though there's no solid proof or confirmation that Amazon’s product Echo records every single conversation I would still rethink your decision before purchasing anything from Amazon.

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