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Numerology Article for Bribie Island and Surrounds Jan/Feb 2019

Happy New Year beautiful souls and welcome to this 3 universal year. The universal year energy is like an umbrella, that despite our differences and our own personal paths connects us as a whole, to each other and to the universe. The 3 vibrates in the most creative way, making almost anything possible this entire year. It also sits at the head of the mind plane, enabling creative debates and self-development. What an exciting time we have entered, bring it on I say.

We start January with the stability of the 4. With the 4’s rock-solid foundation bringing much relief after the turbulence of 2018. Use this focused energy to your advantage, that’s why its here. Do the things that need to be done, take the steps towards your goals. With each of these tasks and steps, you edge closer to achieving.

This is a great time to be learning. Especially practical skills that will build something that is useful, lasting and meaningful. Again, just the building block and solid foundation the 4 energy offers. We are all really just students of life and simply put, learning is an amazing gift to self.

With so much energy on the physical plane take the time to slow down, meditate, do yoga or just breathe. If you’ve not experienced these joys, maybe it’s time to learn…….

January the twenty-first brings the first of three Supermoon’s for this year and this one will also have a total lunar eclipse. With all of this super charged lunar energy stay grounded. The magnetism of the earth’s core that makes the tides especially high at this time doesn’t need to be feared if you treat it as your friend. Soak up the moon rays and avoid getting dragged into drama or negativity. Allow the supermoon’s energy to transform your life.

Have a great month,


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