Stamping out Social Isolation on the Bribie Island Waterways, with Fishability QLD Inc.

In August 2018, Fishability QLD was formerly registered as a not-for-profit organisation, to ensure its sustainability for the future.  Emma Dyson, Holly Auckram and Robyn Tomkins have joined in partnership as executive members of the organisation, to see it into the future, as an ongoing opportunity for socially isolated and disadvantaged individuals.  Fishability QLD currently have on record over 45 clients, who enjoy and experience social inclusion and community belonging, through the services it offers. 

Emma Dyson & Holly Auckram – two of the founders of Fishibility QLD Inc.

Fishability QLD was an initiative made possible by Robyn and Brendon, from Bribie Island Boat Charters, who have supported and generously offered their BBQ Boats in kind for the past 2 years. Last week they held their final challenge and awards day for the Bribie Island Boat Charters Fishing Challenge 2018.

At the Awards Celebration I spoke to Cookie from Brisbane, one of the clients of Fishability QLD, who said to me, “It only costs $5 which includes drinks and food. I look forward to the day every month; we have so much fun. I come from Brisbane and I am picked up and driven here by a bus on the day, so it is very easy for me to join in.”

Cookie, a very happy client, who loves his monthly Bribie Island Boat Charters Fishing Challenge, and Emma Dyson

Emma said, “Fishability QLD have witnessed, first-hand, individuals sustaining tenancy, despite mental health disorders, by feeling connected to community and involved with a mob who care for them.  Our motto is “Fish and Forget”; however, our day-to-day service is “Doing with, Not For”.  Fishability QLD also advocate for individuals, through regular support and contact, and ensure that no man or woman is left feeling like no-one is there for them or that their lives have no meaning.  Healthy exercise and getting out there is not a common occurrence in the lives of many disadvantaged people. Fishability QLD are dedicated to breaking down the barriers of social isolation and committing ourselves to bettering people’s lives through community support and outdoor fun”.

Fishability QLD’s qualified staff and dedicated volunteers can provide access to a range of fishing and outdoor activities. The Bribie Island Boat Charters Fishing Challenge is a monthly event and the staff, volunteers and clients head out on an 8 to 12-seater BBQ Boat into our Pumicestone Passage, to compete in a year-long fishing competition. Their clients just love the day and look forward to it every month, to re-join their mates for a friendly fishing competition.

Other activities offered by Fishability QLD include “Community Fishing”, in which staff and volunteers take participants to fishing platforms and piers provided by the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government.

If you know someone who may be interested in these activities, please contact Emma on or phone 0435 788 510. Fishability QLD are also looking for more businesses to get involved.

Photo Supplied – Anchor Management

Photo Supplied – Scammies team, winner of the “Wooden Reel” award and Winner of Best Photo.

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