Landscape plant of the Month Pittosporum tobira - ‘Miss Muffet’ or Dwarf Pittosporum

Lovely and compact, evergreen, slow- growing shrub that thrives in our coastal environment. Pittosporum tobira - ‘Miss Muffet’- as the trade name may suggest, characteristically forms a small mound in habit as it matures. 1m tall and 1.5m wide. It’s origins herald from Japan and China and subsequently is often used in Japanese garden designs. It is quite drought tolerant once established but prefers part shade to retain the rich, emerald- green, glossy foliage they are known for. They do tolerate some full- sun conditions but require regular watering during hot dry periods. P. tobira ‘Miss Muffet’ has small, scented, cream coloured flowers with five petals arranged in small clusters at the top of the plant in spring. They can tolerate a range of soil conditions but prefer it to be well drained. These plants can be mass planted under trees, used as informal hedges, feature specimens in the landscape or planted in tubs and pots. Very resilient plants indeed and grow well on Bribie Island! “Ok- now its time for a swim”

Season’s Greetings- to you all!

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