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All we want for Christmas……

Worried about what to get your teen for Christmas? Know you will be met with lame sighs over those new undies and a book? Never fear. We have surveyed the students of Bribie Island SHS and have put together our list of the top 5 tech gifts for your teens this Christmas.

#5 Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

Designed for incredible speed and precision. When a millisecond stands between winning and losing. The Logitech Pro Gaming mouse is the pick for your teen this Christmas. At just 85g and pixel precise tracking accuracy second to none, this mouse makes the difference. It can be used pre-set, straight out of the box or customised to suit your teen’s preferences. The mouse comes in both wired and wireless versions and is a perfect combination with the Logitech Pro Gaming keyboard.

Available from the Logitech website starting from just $99.

#4 PlayStation VR

Does your teen love gaming? If so, this is the ultimate tech gear for them. The PlayStation VR is the next level of gaming experience. The OLED screen gives the player 360-degree vision and 3D audio, so you can hear the sounds of your game all around you. The light headset is a plus and is adjustable to people of all ages can wear it. One of the best features is the projector so that you can project the images on to your TV and other people can play.

$469 will get you a mega bundle pack from JB Hi-Fi that includes VR goggles, camera and game will be a hit with all the family.

#3 KiiPix portable, wireless photo printer

Want a fun, quick and wireless way to print photos straight from your smartphone? Then KiiPix is your answer. Its compact size and battery-less operation makes it the perfect accessory for your teen on their next trip to the beach or music festival with their friends. Retailing for just $49 at Kmart stores, the KiiPix is a sure way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to your teen.

#2 Razor X Cruiser Skateboard

A tech-savvy teen who also loves being active can be a tricky one to buy for. However, the new Razor X Cruiser electric skateboard combines both of these. The rear-wheel drive, lithium-ion battery device can reach speeds of up to 16km/hour and lasts for approximately 40 minutes. So if you are after a quick ride to school or a deck to impress your friends, the Razor X Cruiser skateboard is the one.

Available on EBay from $299

#1 Drones

Drones are a perfect tech device for teenagers with many models coming with an affordable price tag. They can be used for a diverse range of activities including aerial photography, fishing and even to enhance your coding skills in an enjoyable way. Whilst drones are a whole lot of fun to fly, the learning process of how to fly them teaches teen’s patience, persistence and hand-eye coordination. Not only are drones a device to entertain your teen, they are also used in a wide range of occupations. Recently NASA chased a hurricane with a drone and caught a tremendous bird’s eye view of the storm! There cannot be a better way to both entertain and educate your teen then putting a drone under your Christmas tree this year.

Price Range: XCD Nano Drone –$39 – DJI Phantom Pro 4 $2399 (JB Hi-Fi)

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