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A Modern Christmas Miracle

Every year, as Christmas rolls around, people become excited about the typical traditions. Food, decorations and presents become the main focus for most Australians. In fact, Australians as a whole are estimated to spend around eleven billion dollars each Christmas, which the Commonwealth Bank averaged out to be around five hundred and ninety-three dollars per person. Christmas has become about consumerism and the act of buying, rather than giving and appreciating simple acts of kindness. In recent years, many people have started to take different approaches towards the giving of gifts at Christmas. Popular ideas such as sponsoring a child and donating both time and money towards charities have grown bigger and are a different approach gift giving. Rather than spending exorbitant amounts of money on items, taking the effort to donate helps towards changing people’s lives. This process not only benefits and positively impacts a person’s life but also connects people across the globe and helps to raise awareness about issues within society. Throughout the past few weeks, bush fires have raged across Queensland and temperatures have reached the extremes. Many people have lost their homes and belongings less than a month out from Christmas, due to the horrific bushfires. The devastating effects of the fires are being amplified by the largest holiday of the year. With so many people being left without a roof above their heads, let alone a Christmas tree, it is extremely important that support is shown by all Australians. As a community, everybody has the capacity to encourage positive change throughout society. Simple acts can make a significant change towards a person’s life. Taking the time and effort to donate anything, whether it be toys, food or money is a small way that this Christmas may help to improve the life of others. This small act may to you seem insignificant but may be a Christmas miracle to the person on the receiving end. So many people become wrapped up in their own bubble and can easily forget that there are various people around the world that do not have the luxury of celebrating the holidays. It is less about the Spirit of Christmas and more about the Spirit of Giving. In the 21st century it is so incredibly easy to give to those in need, a quick click of a mouse is all it takes to show support to people across the world. In this case, these people who need our generosity are not from across the globe but in our backyards. Affected by the bushfires, you only need to look to the Island to offer your support to those impacted or offer your help to those you may see in your everyday lives. After all Christmas is not about spending money rather it is about helping others and sharing the happiness that we all wish to have during the holidays. Are you willing to change somebody’s life this holiday season? So, we ask the question, this year what will your Christmas miracle be?

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