November Numerology 2018 11:11

Welcome to November beautiful souls and the 11:11 energy. This is a rare and special period of time as 11 is the vibration of the universe. As universal energy is the energy that sustains all life, this entire month is not only transforming but potentially amazing. The universe wants to give us exactly what we require to be happy.

Strong messages and synchronicity are what is to be expected during November. Messages from the universe under 11:11 will be crystal clear, this is the perfect time to ask for a sign or for guidance. Awakening and self-development through the merging of the three selves, the physical self, the mind and the heart is what November is all about. A slower pace, rest and self-love is what needed for insight, creation and personal growth. You will hear and trust your instincts more if you don’t burn your candle at both ends. Slow down and let the magic happen.

It is true that the experience of the 11:11 on each individual is unique, however the common thread is that the 11 energy brings intuition and importantly insight into what brings you happiness and joy. Happiness is a conscious choice. It is also giving and contagious. Through our own happiness we actually inspire and enable other people to feel happiness. Be the reason someone else smiles.

As there is always light, there is also shade and under this particular energy you may find you lose things that no longer serve you or that you no longer need in your life. Don’t be sad about these losses, be grateful for the space they provide. Space you can fill with adventures and people that bring you happiness and joy. It’s a re-occurring theme.

Sunday the 11th of November is where the universe lines up all the pure 11 energy, harness the energy of this day. Many powerful events have occurred on this day in history. The combing of the 11th of the 11th with this 2018/11 year is rare and certainly not to be missed.

Have a happy and harmonious month,


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