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Music to Our Ears

It’s the latest clash of the music streaming world: is Spotify or Apple Music the superior service? But before we delve into which is the best provider, let us explain exactly what a streaming service is. A music streaming service is a technological resource that allows a person to listen to a wide range of music offline at any time. There are a number of different platforms that allow a person to utilise this service, but the two frontrunners are Spotify and Apple Music. The question that constantly arises is, which of the two is best?

An array of different factors involved in these streaming apps can be examined in order to decide. A key variation of the two is the fact that Spotify comes with a free version, where the user does not have to pay a cent to stream. However, this does come with a catch – you cannot download music to play while disconnected from the Internet, you cannot select the specific song you would like to play (and instead, can only shuffle songs and playlists), and you have a limited number of times you can skip songs. Further, there are advertisements fairly frequently to ensure that the service remains free. Apple Music, on the other hand, does not come with a free version.

From this point forth, the information presented will concern the paid versions of each service. There are numerous excellent features which belong only to one service and not the other. For example, Spotify has many podcasts readily available for you to stream to your heart’s content, while Apple Music has TV and Movie functions. Don’t get too excited – you aren’t able to view the eight Harry Potter instalments – but there are plenty of musical documentaries which may tickle your fancy! Or a second example: Spotify has a “Behind the Lyrics” feature where, throughout the duration of a song, you can view the full lyrics accompanied by a lyric analysis. Conversely, Apple Music has Beats 1 radio – a 24/7 radio station where presenters interview countless artists and play the newest music, free of advertising.

With these considerations in mind, Spotify and Apple Music are pretty much on equal footing. But it is the next feature that potentially places Spotify on a pedestal – its curated playlists. Spotify has a variety of playlists that cater specifically to you. The app creates six playlists entitled ‘Daily Mixes’ which are crafted from both songs you have previously listened to, and song recommendations that are similar to your taste in music. In addition, Spotify has a ‘Discover’ page, in which you can find new songs by artists that suit your musical ear.

Spotify is the costlier service at $11.99 a month while Apple Music is at $9.99. In sum, Apple music is best for a person on a budget. And on the other hand, Spotify is ultimately the higher quality deal with better choice of playlists and podcasts for your enjoyment. So, the only question left is which artist will star in the soundtrack to your life? Eminem, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan or millions more? The choice is yours.

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