Tim Mander, Deputy Leader of the opposition and Shadow Treasurer said……..

Labor’s Long Weekend of Infamy shines light on Palaszczuk incompetence

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander said Queenslanders should never forget the Palaszczuk Government’s weekend of infamy where they dumped 75 annual reports late on a Friday night, slugged punters with a new tax, while giving nothing back to industry, and stacked government boards with Labor mates and cronies.

“This weekend will haunt Labor and Annastacia Palaszczuk until election day 2020,” Mr Mander said.

“The Friday night report dump showed Queenslanders how bad the Palaszczuk government is.

“The Palaszczuk government is one of hubris, cover ups and secrecy.

“No wonder they dumped these reports under the cover of darkness.

“They show systemic failures across multiple departments, horrendous waste of taxpayer’s money and government departments in complete meltdown.

“Rail Fail will never be fixed with Labor in charge, our health system is back to the bad old days when Annastacia Palaszczuk sat around the Bligh cabinet table that threatened to split the department in half, child safety is a mess and our stadiums are borderline broke.

“Labor have been in power most of the past 30 years and this government makes the economic train wrecks of the Bligh and Beattie governments look good.

“Labor have a complete lack of openness and transparency.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk presides over a government with a culture of cover up and secrecy. 

“We’ve got QR in crisis, health in crisis and the government is trying to hide their annual reports under the cover of darkness.

“We also saw Labor announce a number of Board appointments and most were cosy jobs for former Labor politicians.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk is running a government for the unions and Labor mates while Queenslanders continue to miss out.

“Labor knows none of these controversial board appointment pass the pub test and it’s why they have made these announcements on Grand Final and Riverfire long weekend to avoid scrutiny.

“It’s just more evidence of how Annastacia Palaszczuk is arrogant and out of touch.

“To top it all off, punters will be slugged with a new tax from tomorrow and sadly for the racing industry only a tiny one off sugar hit will be pumped back into it with the rest going into Jackie Trad’s coffers.”

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