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Local Beachmere residents, Karen and Eric Wallwork, have been busy working on the logistics of a project to get people out walking in Beachmere, while making it interesting by adding an element of history.

It is envisioned that as residents and visitors use the walk, it will lead to improvements of existing infrastructure and identify future requirements.

There are public toilets and water bubblers at Lehman Park West & South Reserve though no facilities exist as yet at the Conservation Park. A cafe, shops and hotel can be found in the village on Biggs Avenue and Beachmere Road if you require sustenance before continuing your walk or to celebrate it’s completion.

The proposed walk is being loosely modelled on the Bribie Passage ‘Seaside Stroll’ and the ‘Swap It Don’t Stop It’ campaign. It is hoped, in time, that the proposed Beachmere Health & Heritage Walk will be added to the Moreton Bay Signature Walks listing on the Moreton Bay Regional Council website.

The walk would start at Bishop Road, near the Beachmere Conservation Park and finish at the South Reserve (off-leash dog park). It takes approximately 49 minutes one way and if you return this should give you 10,000 steps (depending on gait and speed). At low tide you could complete the walk entirely along the beach.

Heritage information for this aspect of the walk will be sourced from long-time residents, or from freely available public sites such as Council and Library archives and Facebook blogs. This will be added to the brochure as it becomes available.

The proposed walk acknowledges the spiritual and cultural importance the area holds for the Gubbi Gubbi people, Traditional Owners, past and present.

If you have any historical information about our area and would like to share it, please contact

Photo Supplied by Jessica Culley – Beachmere Walk

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