Beachmere residents Karen and Eric Wallwork, with their friend Mick Hogan, have been working hard to improve the lives of the poorest Nepalese people for more than ten years by supplying beanies, scarves and blankets to the poor. The group was also able to provide assistance with the urgent need for rice and food after the 2015 major earthquake decimated these poor areas. Karen has organised an amazing group of ladies who have knitted and crocheted for years to ensure these people have something warm to wrap up in. Soon they will welcome Januka, Binod and Geet who have come to Australia from Nepal to thank all their supporters.  Januka will spend several days at the Royal Brisbane Hospital visiting women's health areas of Breast Screening, Maternal services, Personal Health, HIV and Depression. She will also spend time at the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation so she can write on these issues, and educate Nepalese women, when she returns home. Binod, a musician, will visit Sydney learning more at the Conservatory of Music. They will celebrate Dashain, which is a festival of the joyousness of good over evil, with friends and the Nepalese Community in Brisbane. Geet, their 8 year old daughter, is perhaps the youngest author in Nepal.  She had a dream to write a book and succeeded with ‘The Treasure Hunt’. Geet hopes to present her book to our local schools. On Thursday 18 October at the Beachmere Activity Centre, Karen, with the assistance of Amanda from Pineapple Catering, is hosting a Thank You Luncheon / High Tea especially for those ladies who have donated their time, wool and energy in supplying warm beanies and scarves to assist the people of Nepal.  Much love & prayers.

Mick Hogan, with our Nepalese visitors, Januka, Binod and Geet. 

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