Despite the rain, ticket holders queued out the door of Serenity at the Waterways Restaurant entrance on Saturday 13th October for the Official Launch of Hairdressers with Hearts (HwH).

Glasses filled with sparkling bubbles and non-alcoholic punch, a delicious range of finger- food including heart topped cupcakes and biscuits decorated with the words “Thank You” all added to the festivities.

Gary Parsons did a sterling job as Master of Ceremonies, whilst local photographer Ron Le Huray captured the magic moments as Edward A Bear provided music to relax by.

Sonia Colvin, Founder, shared the story of how it all began…

“It started with a conversation between a hairdresser and a DV worker under the window in the safe room at Caboolture courthouse 7 years ago.” That conversation was between Sonia and Fiona Worrall, now a member of the HwH Board.

“It was a dream. A dream of being able to DO SOMETHING. To harness the power of hairdressing salons.”

In 2015 Sonia started Hairdressers with Hearts to help clients with a need. She quickly realised that clients needed access to the right resources at the right time. And that she needed training to be able to say the right things to help her clients when it came to being faced with situations of elder abuse and domestic violence.

Fast forward 3 years and HwH is officially launched as a not for profit company in the knowledge that from small things big things grow.

“By having these resources I have personally helped 86 of my clients get the right help,” said Sonia proudly.

“Multiple that by Australia’s 55,000+ hairdressers and you have 4,730,000 Australians receiving the right help and the right advice at the right time.

Hairdressers with Hearts aims to harness the intimate and trusted relationship between Australia’s 55,000+ hairdressers and their much loved clients.

We believe that by EMPOWERING hairdressers with the correct resources and appropriate training, we will be doing our part to make a difference to the lives of many Australians. We may even SAVE a few lives.

“Hairdressers are an untapped resource in our nations fight against domestic violence and elder abuse. The vision for HWH is simple. To provide every Australian hairdresser and barber with the HwH/No more silence training so they are empowered to help clients, and to provide appropriate resources in small inexpensive plastic stands in every salon and barber shop in Australia.

By doing this we will reach the most vulnerable in the community who have no idea of where to turn.

HwH has the ability to cross-cultural and socio-economic barriers because hairdressers are a part of ALL communities.

Together we can make a difference!”

Smartphone cameras flashed, and congratulations flowed as Sonia finished her speech to thunderous applause. This was a moment of history being made. If you missed it check out the Hairdressers with Hearts page for the video of Sonia’s speech.

Hairdressers with Hearts will, without a doubt, continue to grow from strength to strength and it all started right here on Bribie Island.


  1. Ask your Hairdresser to sign up to Hairdressers with Hearts

  1. Join HwH as an individual member

  1. If you have good connections that would be willing to support us financially – let us know.

Copy provided by Michelle Hanton, Dragon Sisters.

Images courtesy of Ron Le Huray

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