Landscape Plant of the Month

Mandevilla sanderi or Brazilian Jasmine

Mandevilla or Dipladenia- they are also referred too, are generally fast-growing vines and shrubs (sub- shrubs) originating from South America. The modern cultivars marketed under Dipladenia and are bred for their profuse flowering, easy care and are excellent for long term pot culture and great for balconies and court yards. Most of the plants we see for sale are hybrids of Mandevilla and are more reliable, as long as they don’t get over watered- as they need well drained soil. Mandevilla have a tuberous root system which to store their water and too much irrigation can cause them to rot. Mandevilla love their warmth and sunny conditions and generally do not tolerate frost, but there is a variety that does- called Mandevilla Laxa. Mandevilla have trumpet shaped flowers that have a yellow throat and they flower from spring to autumn. In the image above: M. Sanderi- ‘My Fair Lady’ is a beautiful white flowering cultivar and is still being marketed under the Dipladenia tag at the nursery. There are red flowering cultivars: M. Sanderi. ‘Red Riding Hood’. There is also a new Australian- bred range of colourful cultivars being marketed as: ‘Aloha Mandevilla’-Patio Range, which come in tropical pink, orange, white and red coloured flowers. The range of cultivars are as diverse as their habit, from twinning vines to compact shrThese Mandevilla buds are literally bursting now this spring. So- diverse yet, so- tropical

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