Queensland's lowest paid workers set to receive pay increase

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace welcomed today’s decision of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to increase award rates of pay for Queensland’s lowest paid workers covered by the state industrial relations jurisdiction.

The QIRC’s decision will see awards and allowances increased by 3.5% - consistent with the recent Fair Work Commission annual wage review decision which applied to Queensland workers in the national fair work system.

“The Queensland Government’s submission to the State Wage Case backed a flow-on of the 3.5% wage increase,” Ms Grace said.  

“The Queensland Minimum Wage will also increase by 3.5% taking this rate to $753 per week. 

“This is a fair outcome for our state’s lowest paid workers.

“These workers rely upon the annual state wage case for a pay rise because they are normally not in a position to bargain themselves.

“Workers who will benefit from this increase include those employed in local government, state government and P&Cs.

“The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring our lowest paid workers receive a fair and reasonable pay cheque for the hard work they do.”

The increases are effective from 1 September.

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