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Just because you are a “Senior” it does not mean that you Brain has to retire .

You can still go on learning lots of new things, and there are great opportunities here on Bribie.

You can Unlock your Imagination or See Life Differently with an active Memory in just a couple of hours a week.

Many retired people have amazing life skills and experiences that they share with others, for the simple pleasure learning something new.

More than 150 stimulating subjects are available here at Bribie U3A, and it’s all done by volunteer Seniors who learn from each other.

U3A is short for University of the Third Age, and it is all about Learning for Fun and connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning.

For the last Term of this year several new classes are being offered including;

          -Bribie’s natural Environment on Thursday mornings.

          -Unlock your Imagination on Tuesday afternoons.

          -Memory -Use it or Lose it on Wednesday afternoons.

          -Seeing life Differently on Tuesday afternoons.

If you need a bit of gentle exercise you could learn Bowls with two classes on offer for an introduction to Indoor Bowls on Tuesday mornings and Lawn Bowls on Friday mornings.

For something more creative you could join the new Jewellery Crafting class conducted at the Bribie Gem & Fossicking Club on Tuesday mornings.

For former Piano players there is an exciting Music Keyboard workshop on Wednesday afternoons for pianists who would like to get their fingers going again, and develop a creative approach to music interpretation.

There are more than 150 other classes run at U3A every week day. You can find the Daily Timetable at the U3A Centre, the Library, Visitor Info Centre or Neighbourhood Centre, and even if you don’t join a class you can still become a Member of U3A by paying the $5 fee for the rest of the year.

Membership entitles you to early Enrolment, attendance at Functions, Theatre Group trips and participation in excursions run by U3A.

The hard working volunteers on the U3A Committee are implementing many changes to improve the process of class continuation and new enrolments in anticipation of even more Senior students next year.

New and existing Members can enrol in Term 4 classes on any weekday during office hours at U3A before Term 3 finishes on Friday 21 September.

Enrolment Day for Term 4 on Tuesday 2nd October at U3A Centre from 9am till noon, after the Queen’s Birthday holiday Monday.

Term 4 classes  commence on Monday 8th  October, and will run for 9 weeks until Friday 7th December when all classes finish for the holiday.

You can contact U3A on 3408 1450 or view the Web site on

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