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New transport stretcher a major step forward for critical care patients

Critically ill patients travelling from Caboolture Hospital will benefit from a new state-of-the-art patient transport stretcher.

The new Inter-Hospital Transfer Bridge and Stretcher, which will be used for patients requiring an emergency transfer to other hospitals, has been purchased with $170,000 raised by the Caboolture Hospital Auxiliary.

The new transfer stretcher is light-weight and features a modular design which allows several pieces of critical care equipment to be securely attached and carried safely with the patient on the stretcher, rather than being held separately.

Caboolture Hospital Emergency Staff Specialist Dr Doug Feinbloom said the state-of-the-art stretcher demonstrated a major step forward in the safe transfer of critical care patients from Caboolture.

“All aspects of patient handling have been addressed, from loading and unloading the patient to equipment security while in transit,” Dr Feinbloom said. “Previously, equipment for patients needing transfer was not secured to the stretcher, which could prove challenging for ED and QAS staff in an emergency.

“This stretcher is an example of excellent engineering and collaboration with front-line clinicians.” Caboolture Hospital Emergency Director Dr Sean Keogh - who has more than 25 years’ experience in aeromedical and road-based retrieval of critically ill patients – said the new stretcher was one the most user-friendly and effective he had seen.

“I’m very pleased that Caboolture Hospital now has immediate access to this equipment for patients requiring transfer to other hospitals,” Dr Keogh said. “I sincerely thank the auxiliary for its wonderful support of Caboolture Hospital and the community.”

Brisbane’s GVH Aerospace designed the new stretcher. Australia Pacific Operations Director Brett Worsley said it followed the same specifications as their aircraft range to ensure a robust and safe system for transferring patients.

“The new stretcher was designed in close collaboration with medical professionals, considering not only aeronautical certification requirements but also clinical care requirements,” Brett said.

“We are thrilled that Caboolture Hospital selected our system to help improve the health of its patients.”

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