Father’s Day

Every year, on the second of September, families across Australia come together to celebrate perhaps one of the most influential figures in their lives - their father. The day is filled with laughter and the recalling of fond memories - whether that be the terrible jokes or looking back at old pictures. It is a time for appreciating the fathers across Australia for all that they do for their families. Many younger children make handmade gifts and cards, families also chose to participate in activities such as boating or lunches. Despite being celebrated on different dates in other countries, this universally recognised day is a momentous occasion for many people. Father’s Day is thought to have originated in the United States in the 1910’s and quickly spread across the world. Many traditions have also become prevalent in multiple cultures when celebrating this day. In Germany, fathers dress up in odd outfits to celebrate their day. Mexicans gather around to watch the El Día Parade, the main feature of the parade being a twenty-one-kilometre race in Mexico City, this is called the Carrera del Día del Parade. In Nepal, many Nepalese take part in religious rituals called Gokarna Aunsi. This ritual involves spending quality time with fathers, honouring them by offering food and gifts and praying for fathers who may have passed on. In Thailand, people used to wear yellow and presented their fathers with a canna flower, symbolic of the masculinity they represent. However, in recent years the colour has been changed to pink. In Brazil, may families join together and celebrate through a barbeque called Dis dos Pais. In Australia, most families can be found out fishing or enjoying a nice lunch. In Victoria, the state continues tradition by awarding the Local Community Father of the Year. Each year children are given the opportunity to nominate their father by writing or drawing about what their dad does for them and why their dad is so important to themselves. It can be seen that all across the world, families get together to celebrate the amazing things that their dads do for them. From helping their children to learn to ride a bike to being a support system, fathers deserved to be recognised for their efforts. It only takes a few minutes to call and wish a happy Father’s Day or to write a card and it makes all the difference. Many father’s look back on previous gifts and memories with a fond recollection, remembering the handmade cards covered in glitter or the coupons books that, still years later are sought after. Father’s Day is a time for spending with family and creating new memories. Wishing all the fathers out there, a happy Father’s Day.

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