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We need your help! Vital equipment needed to ensure equity among Australian students living in poverty. It is essential that we get your help.

At the beginning of this term, 9I were eagerly researching someone who they believed was a hero. As the research continued, students began to understand the true essence of a hero: fighting for what you believe in. It was at this time that they posed the question to their teacher, Mr Thomas Dreghorn ‘Can we do something to help others?’ In this moment, an idea was born.

On Wednesday 27th June, English at Bribie Island State High School will be hosting a donation drive in which goods will be donated to the Smith Family a children’s charity who help disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create a better future for themselves. This donation drive is aiming to encourage the school’s students, parents, staff and also the Bribie Island community to donate sorely needed sporting equipment. Perhaps you have an old hockey stick lying around your garage, or a tennis racket you never quiet enjoyed playing with… if so, we’d love you to donate it.

Did you know that 1 in 7 Australian students are living in poverty? That 1 in 5 cannot afford to participate in the sport of their choice? Additionally, 1 in 8 people simply discard sporting equipment once they no longer have a use for it, leading to greater levels of landfill. We are seeking to match sporting equipment with individuals who need a helping hand.

So please drop off any equipment to Bribie Island State High School from the 19th to 21st June before 8:30am every morning. Our donation box outside the administration office to help a child in need remain active and healthy and engage in their schooling.

Where: Bribie Island State High School- outside Year Level Coordinators office.

When: 19th to the 21st June 2018

Time: 9.00am-3.00pm

Additional information:

Coady Aland – Bribie Island State High School student.

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