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Local LNP members choose Trevor Ruthenberg

Trevor Ruthenberg has been chosen by local LNP branch members as the LNP’s candidate for Longman at the coming byelection.

Gary Spence, LNP President said when announcing the result, “Trevor is well respected in the local community and has been a strong and effective voice across a range of community leadership positions and as former state MP.

Mr Ruthenberg said, “I’m very pleased to have been selected by the local LNP members to be the Party’s candidate at the byelection.

“There are important local issues that need real attention: dealing with crime, fixing road congestion and working to create local jobs – especially in traditional trades and services.

“We also have many older residents in our region and we need to make sure we are protecting them and caring for them properly – in their own homes and, if they choose, aged care facilities.

“There will be a very clear choice for voters, the LNP that manages the economy responsibly for the benefit of all Australians, or Labor – who wants to impose higher taxes, and take more income from the self-funded retirees who live in this community.

“Locals tell me that they can’t stomach the thought of Bill Shorten becoming Prime Minister. I’ll be doing all that I can to make sure that never happens,” Mr Ruthenberg said.

“I’ll be standing up and fighting for our area – I won’t stand by as Labor tries to take what our residents have spent a lifetime building simply because Labor can’t manage a budget or the Australian economy.”

Trevor (50) is married to Gaye and together they have two sons.

Trevor served for six years in the ADF, where he trained as an aeronautical ground engineer before working overseas in the automation industry. Upon his return to Australia, Trevor started working in the community sector, first for the Lutheran Church and later as the General Manager of Scouts Queensland. Between 2012 and 2015 Trevor served as the State Member for Kallangur. Trevor is currently employed as the CEO of Mosaic Foundation, a new not-for profit that raises money for, and supports, other charities.

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